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Ordering Your Sofa: Considering Seat Cushions

Among the countless decisions faced when ordering your sofa (fabric, trim, arms, backs, pillows, cushion content, size, etc.) the choice of seat cushions calls for a good deal of consideration. Our furniture sales associates have made mention of the increasing demand for single cushion designs, citing the cleaner look as possible motivation. This notable trend called for a post, a showcase of sorts, offering examples of one, two and three cushion sofas. Seen above, the Made to Measure Sofa from Century Furniture.

Some find a three cushion too traditional, while others wonder if there is such a thing. 😉 Some suggest the size of your sofa should dictate the number of seat cushions. Whatever your position, we’re sampling sofas today on the KDR Blog, and if you haven’t a preconceived notion on the topic, perhaps this post will help you decide.

Single Cushion

Jean Louis Single Cushion Sofa

Almandine Sofa by Jean-Louis Deniot for Baker Furniture

Single Seat Sofa

Crawford Sofa, Taylor King  |  Celestite Sofa, Jean-Louis Deniot for Baker Furniture
Mayfair Court Grand Sofa, Lillian August Fine Furniture for Hickory White


Two Cushion

Lillian August

Highgate Sofa, Lillian August Fine Furniture for Hickory White

Two Seat Cushion Sofa
Norman Sofa, EF+LM  |  Nathaniel Sofa, Thomas O’Brien for Century Furniture
Drop In Sofa, Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin


Three Cushion


Cornerstone Sofa, Century Furniture

Three Seat Cushion Sofa

Bobbi Sofa, EF+LM  |  Beachum Sofa, EF+LM |  McMillin Sofa, Taylor King

For further reading on the process of choosing the right sofa for your space and lifestyle, see our recent post on Selecting Your Sofa Soulmate, or simply stop by your local KDR showroom where a sales associate will be happy to help.

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Outdoor: Black, White, Bold + Bright

April showers promise more than May flowers. They tell us that summer days and nights spent outdoors are coming fast, which means the time to start planning your personal paradise is now. Taking cues from Lexington, Gloster, Century Furniture, Kravet, Duralee and Brown Jordan, we’ve imagined outdoor spaces two ways: Bold + Bright and classic Black + White.

Outdoor Living Black and White


1. Ocean Club Pacifica Swivel Barstool, Tommy Bahama for Lexington.  2. Kalypso Black, Kravet.  3. Champleve Black Ink, Kravet.  4. Voyager Deck Chair, Gloster.  5. Litchfield Bar Cart, Century Furniture.  6. Litchfield Planter in Zinc, Century Furniture.  7. Swivel Rocker Lounge Chair, Century Furniture.

Outdoor Living Bold and Bright


1 Ocean Club Pacifica Armless Curved Sofa, Tommy Bahama for Lexington.  2. Ocean Club Resort Swivel Lounge Chair, Tommy Bahama for Lexington.  3. 15715-31 in Coral, Duralee.  4.  4647-01 in Marine, Manuel Canovas.  5. 4″ Chair Tie in Tangerine, Duralee.  6. Black Sands Chair, Tommy Bahama for Lexington.  7. Flex Lounge Chair, Brown Jordan.

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SPOTLIGHT: Chinoiserie

Popularized in 18th century Europe, Chinoiserie has amassed a rather ardent following of late, with entire Instagram accounts dedicated to this fantastical view of Chinese art and culture. Lovers of the look share a fondness for pagodas, trellis and exotic florals. And the mere mention of “blue and white” will most certainly elicit a smile, a social media “like,” even a heart emoji (blue of course).

If we’re speaking your style, a timeless one to be sure, read on. We’ve gathered 10 fabrics and wallcoverings to add to you arsenal of beloved Chinoiserie prints and patterns from our friends at Brunschwig & Fils, DuraleeBailey & Griffin and Phillip Jeffries.

Chinoiserie Fabric and Wallcoverings from KDR

ROW 1 Shishi, Brunschwig & Fils  |  Lhasa Green, Brunschwig & Fils

ROW 2 DP61314-197, Duralee  |  Chinois Our Way, Phillip Jeffries

ROW 3 Le Lac, Brunschwig & Fils |  DP61306-563, Duralee

ROW 4 Paradise Toile, Bailey & Griffin  |  Bamboo Trellis, Brunschwig & Fils

ROW 5 River Song in Taupe, Brunschwig & Fils   |  Scenes Chinoise, Bailey & Griffin


Can’t get enough?  Visit our Pinterest board for furniture, accessories, fabrics and wallcoverings in classic Chinoiserie style.

Chinoiserie Pinterest

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Tools of the Trade
Managing Social Media

Do you ever feel like it’s tough enough to get your job done, let alone stopping to tell people about it? It’s a hurdle many small business owners face when it comes to social media, especially in light of how much time it can take to produce a steady stream of engaging content. And time is a valuable commodity–especially when you charge by the hour.

We face the same challenge, trying to use our time wisely while keeping our social pages–Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn–up to date.

Assuming most of you don’t have a full time, in-house social media manager at your disposal, start small. Pick one day of the week, say 20 minutes, to round up ideas and set goals. Make it your Social Media Monday and begin by with a list of content ideas and set reminders on your phone if it will help you to stay on track.

We’ve assembled a few of our favorite tips, apps and ideas to create quality, visually interesting content. For those of you who are posting regularly, we hope you’ll learn something new, and for those of you who can’t seem to get in the habit, perhaps a few time-saving solutions are just want you need to get (and stay) motivated.


Social Media Content Ideas

  • Share projects you’re working on, behind-the-scenes photos/studio shots.
    If you know you’ll be in the showroom or your studio planning for a new space, set a reminder to take quick shot of your scheme from overhead, share it to Instagram and be sure to tag any of the companies you’ve used. Good shots get noticed and might earn you a repost, which can help to grow your audience.Amy Studebaker


  • If there’s a on-trend look you’re loving, create a new Pinterest board. Save pieces that fit the style and add work from your own online portfolio or Instagram feed as well. Then share your board to other platforms and invite your audience to follow.Pinterest KDR Designer Showrooms Rose Quartz Board


  • Incorporate quotes from famous designers, quotes on color, inspiration, etc. Use them as captions/comments or place text over an image in an app like Moldiv.
  • Be sure you follow your favorite brands; use their social media efforts to your advantage and repost. It’s a great way to effortlessly showcase new products and look like the authority on “what’s new” while doing so.
  • #TBT/#FBF: Thursdays and Fridays are great days to share a look back in time, be it past projects, special events or even an old photo from your personal archives.
  • Brag a little! Social media is an amazing vehicle for publicity. Won an award? Featured in a magazine? Participating in a charitable event? Looking to hire, or you’ve hired a new employee? Share this type of news on Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram, but especially on your company’s LinkedIn page.
  • As you probably know, Facebook customizes the viewer experience using an ever-changing algorithm. And while it’s tough to make an impact without paying for ads, you should still make an effort to update your page with a mix of personal news and third-party content. Think beyond your business. Think of your clients and what interests them, like we’ve done in a recent post on Highclere Castle. Downton Abbey has nothing to do with KDR, but we know this is a topic our audience is interested in and the reach shows it.Downton Abbey Facebook Post (1)


Now that you have a few ideas, let’s talk tools…

  • Create slideshows in seconds with the ability to add transitions and music using PicFlow.


  • For combining photos, we like Moldiv. It’s easy to use, offers a wide variety of configurations and lets you adjust border widths and sizes of each image. Once you open it up, you’ll see what we mean.

Moldiv for Social Media

  • If you’re sharing links, no one wants to see a web address that’s a mile long. To shorten and track URLs, check out You can create an account for free and the site allows you to not only shorten the link, but customize it and keep track of click throughs.
  • Come across an Instagram post you love and want to share? You can simply take a screenshot, pull it up and crop to fit. Always mention that it is a repost and always credit the original account, i.e. #Repost via @kdrshowrooms. If that process seems too daunting, simply download the Repost app for one-touch sharing.
  • It goes without saying that posts with photos are best, videos often prove better in terms of engagment. Before you post to Instagram you might recall seeing the option to share to Twitter and Facebook. Instead of sharing to Twitter this way, we recommend linking the two using If This Then That ( By doing so, it will automatically post your Instagram to Twitter with the actual photo, not only text and a link as it does when you share from Instagram manually.

IFTTT for Social Media Management

  • Make use of your Instagram Profile link. Switch it out to something that relates to your post and direct readers to follow the link your profile. Share a link to your latest blog post, a new addition to your website’s Portfolio, a new Pinterest board etc.
  • Instead of spending time scrolling through Facebook and Twitter searching for interesting third-party content to repost, create an account at and curate a custom feed of recent posts from a selection of blogs you’ve chosen to follow.
  • You’re all on Houzz by now, and you know the drill. So here’s your reminder to make use of that handy automated email they can send on your behalf to easily gather reviews on recently completed projects. Remember, the more photos and reviews on Houzz, the higher up your firm will appear in the search for a designer.Social Media Reviews Via Houzz

We love to support our customers so be sure to tag your posts featuring KDR products with #kdrshowrooms or @kdrshowrooms so we can see and share your work!

Tools of the Trade