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Ask the Design Digest: Wallcoverings

In addition to showcasing the latest products and trends, it’s the goal of the Design Digest to continually educate customers, providing information that will ensure both beautiful and successful applications and installations.

Q: Is it wise to use a wallcovering in a bathroom or powder room? If so, is there a way to ensure that moisture won’t become an issue?

A: It is absolutely fine to use wallcoverings in a bathroom—so long as you choose the right wallcovering and create the proper environment.

First, remember that ventilation is paramount when creating an environment suitable for wallcoverings. Fans and windows can help to eliminate moisture and prevent mold or mildew from forming.

While natural wallcoverings are extremely popular, they are not the best choice in a damp environments. In the case of bathrooms, we suggest customers consider vinyl alternatives like those offered by Phillip Jeffries. Vinyl wallcoverings can provide the look of a natural paper but with the addition of an Anti-Microbial element and Stain Repellent Finish.

Phillip Jeffries is a brand dedicated to an ongoing, innovative product development process and it shows in their vast range of vinyl options that provide stunning alternatives to papers crafted from linen, silk, bamboo, leather, cork, seagrass, paper weaves, raffia, grass cloth, burlap, help and more.

See a sampling of vinyl styles below and explore the full range from Phillip Jeffries here.

Vinyl Wallcoverings from Phillip Jeffries _ the Design Digest

Ask the Design Digest | Wallcoverings
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PORTFOLIO: Castle Design

One Minneapolis couple’s search for a new home led them out of the suburbs and into the city, high above the streets of downtown. As they embarked on making this new space their own, they sought the help of St. Louis interior designer Emily Castle of Castle Design. Featured in a recent issue of Artful Living Magazine, their luxurious penthouse began as a plain white box and was transformed, taking cues from the building’s polished, modern exterior, while paying homage to the St. Anthony Falls seen in the distance.

Through a modern mix of materials—glass, metal, wood and natural stone—Emily retained comfort within the walls of a sophisticated space. The homeowner notes, “It doesn’t feel like it’s out of a magazine. You can still live and be in the space. Emily has such a talent for really lovely, striking design that still feels like home.

Join us in congratulating Emily and her team on this breathtaking transformation and well-deserved praise from Artful Living.

Minneapolis Penthouse Living Room by Castle Design


Minneapolis Penthouse Living Room Staircase by Castle Design

High Street Ottoman from Century Furniture, Dana Cocktail Table from Baker Furniture’s Lexicon Collection


Minneapolis Penthouse - Transitional Kitchen by Castle Design


Master Bathroom - Freestanding Tub - Modern Bathroom Design by Castle Design


Master Bathroom Shower - Castle Design


Modern Master Bedroom by Castle Design

Pair of E.F. Chapman Alabaster Table Lamps from Visual Comfort



Gordon Swivel Glider from Hancock & Moore upholstered in Palm Springs Faux Leather from Innovations


Powder Room - Castle Design


Minneapolis Veranda - Castle Design


Photo Credit: Alise O’Brien Photography


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Quick Study: Cowtan & Tout Linen

It’s one of the oldest textiles in existence. Once used to wrap mummies, linen has evolved over centuries, earning its place as a staple in modern-day designer libraries. Loved for its versatility, it’s relied upon in its many forms for upholstery, window treatments, trimmings and wallcoverings. The design team behind Cowtan & Tout embraces its inherent qualities and pushes boundaries with a range of innovative fabric constructions.

When creating the Cowtan & Tout collection, we very often look to linen for the content of both our fabrics and wallcoverings as it lends our designs integrity and character. Depending on how it is finished, it can be exquisitely refined or comfortingly utilitarian; have an appearance at once noble and humble.

It is a practical and highly versatile fiber, able to be woven in almost every type of construction, can stand up to finishing with a full range of possibilities from a soft tumbling to a polished glaze…thereby fitting seamlessly into varied decorative contexts: classic or contemporary, most often it seems, the element that bridges the two.

– Catherine Croner, Cowtan & Tout Design Director


Linen is prized for its strength and washability. It takes dyes extremely well, never pills, and perhaps one of its most beloved qualities is that it softens with age. Cowtan & Tout has mastered the art of not only printed and intricately woven damask linens, but sheers and épingle velvets.

Explore a sampling of Cowtan & Tout’s extensive selection below and follow this link to request fabric and wallcovering samples.

Damasks & Embroideries

Cowtan and Tout Linen Damasks and Embroideries

Velvets & Epinglés

Cowtan and Tout Linen Velvet - the Design Digest



Cowtan and Tout Linen Sheers -the Design Digest



Cowtan and Tout Printed Linen - the Design Digest


Cowtan and Tout Linen Wallcoverings - the Design Digest

Top Left Photo: Marchesa, Olympia, Seta
Clockwise from Top Right: Woodgrain, SharkskinSeta, Greco


Photo Credit: Cowtan & Tout,
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SPOTLIGHT: Designer Barstools

For many of us, the dining table has reached new heights—bar height to be exact. Busy schedules can call for barstool dining at the counter or island, and the furniture-style cabinetry found in so many kitchens calls for equally sophisticated stools.

As a starting off point for your search, we’ve gathered a range of styles, some swivel, others stationary, all customizable. Envision your own fabrics, trimmings and finishes as you shop barstools from Duralee, Taylor King, Swaim, Theodore Alexander, Century Furniture, Thayer Coggin and Hickory White.

Designer Barstools - the Design Digest
ROW 1  Diego by Duralee, Madrid by Duralee, F284 by Swaim
ROW 2 Maxwell by Taylor King, Marshall by Taylor King, Wink by Thayer Coggin

Sophisticated Stools _ the Design Digest

ROW 1 Felicity by Swaim, Keyes 1 by Theodore Alexander, Morris by Hickory White
ROW 2 Troy by Century, Niles by Thomas O’Brien for Century, Palm Beach by Century
Contact the showroom for pricing and ordering information.
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