A QUICK STUDY: Natural Window Shades
Quick Study | Window Coverings
A QUICK STUDY: Natural Window Shades
KDR Natural Window Shades Scene courtesy of Hartmann&Forbes

You’ve envisioned the perfect window treatment for your client’s home. The design includes natural window shades, and the time has come to make your final selection and place your order. To ensure that you’ve considered your options, I’ve gathered a short list of features from Hartmann&Forbes to keep in mind.

Light Control

  • Some designers prefer the look of a natural shade without a liner.
  • If this is the case, keep in mind: if you can see out in the daylight, others can see in when it’s dark.
  • A variety of liner options are available, some will still allow for a subtle, light-filtering look.

Natural Window Shades from Hartmann&ForbesHartmann&Forbes

Need a little privacy? Or looking to conceal the mechanism on the back of the shade?

  • Liners not only provide extra privacy, but offer various levels of light filtration.
  • Liners are available in several colors depending on the manufacturer. Hartmann&Forbes for instance, offers fabric liners that can be carefully sewn to the back of a natural shade for additional privacy while protecting the shade and room furnishings from sun damage.
  • Hartmann&Forbes offers your choice of Sheer, Translucent and Blackout fabrics depending on on the balance of light and privacy you desire.
  • As an alternate privacy option, you might consider a Top Down/Bottom Up functionality, or as Hartmann&Forbes refers to it, the Splitview. In both cases, the shade simply lowers from the top down.

Natural Window Shades Hartmann&ForbesNatural Window Shadings from Hartmann&Forbes

Valance, or no valance?

  • From Hartmann&Forbes; the shade fabric falls from the front of the headrail in an Old Style shade and from the back of the headrail in a Traditional Style shade. Valances are standard on Traditional Style and an inside mount Old Style. On outside mount Old Style they do not include a valance to allow for easier installation.


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This article was originally published November 19, 2013, and has been updated as of February 3, 2021, for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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