A Season of Nostalgia
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A Season of Nostalgia

After the past tumultuous, stressful, and fearful 22 months, we find joy to hearken back to the times that invoke some of our most nostalgic holiday memories.

As families and friends reunite over this holiday season, the uncertainty we have faced, the hardships we have endured, and the losses we have witnessed are easier to put behind us being surrounded by family and friends while sharing our happiest times.

As we start anew, may those memories bring comfort and joy to you and your family this holiday season and throughout the New Year.

Our KDR family is grateful for your partnership. 

Wishing you warm wishes and a happy holiday!

Kevin Kenney,

Kevin Kenney and wife Lori Kenney
The Kenney family at Christmas in 2000
From left to right: Kevin, daughter Megan, wife Lori, son Matt, and daughter Kylie.

“It turns out the times we thought were hectic and stressful were sedate compared to the last 2 years! We miss the times when everyone was together for Christmas.” – Kevin Kenney, President/CEO

Window Covering Manager, Ashlee Morgan
Ashlee Morgan and husband when they were little during the holiday season

“I loved this Christmas! In the center of this photo is me (ever the goof) in my best dress headed to Christmas service. It might not look like anything special BUT the little boy to my right is my husband! We’ve been together 12 years and have a 10-year-old daughter. We love sharing this memory with her. It’s such a great reminder that magical things really do happen…it’s truly the most wonderful time of the year!” – Ashlee Morgan, Window Covering Manager

Russ Lundy, Operations Manager, Holiday card photo
Russ Lundy holiday gift from Kevin Kenney was an airplane ticket and PTO

“This is a photo of the round trip ticket Kevin gave me along with one week of paid time off when I first started at KDR. I didn’t have any vacation time and a few people found out I would not be going to see my family for Christmas/New years. Kevin found out and gave me one of the best Christmas gifts I have ever received.” – Russ Lundy, Operations Manager

Lisa Davis KDR holiday photo
Lisa Davis holiday photo from when she was younger

“I was so excited to ask Santa for this pink bike I wanted. I remember waking up Christmas morning and seeing it next to the tree. It was the first bike I learned how to ride.” – Lisa Davis, Visual Merchandising Specialist

Kim Caldwell, Outside Sales Rep holiday card photo
Kim Caldwell holiday photo with Santa when she was younger

“After I was born my Mom didn’t go back to work until I was in seventh grade. She spent a lot of time sewing and was an excellent seamstress. She made all of my clothes. I remember her taking me to Northland Shopping Center to Famous & Barr every year to see Santa, go shopping, and eat lunch. It was a lot of fun zipping around in her VW bug- she loved those cars even those we froze in it every winter!” – Kim Caldwell, Residential & Contract Sales

Monica Dalton KDR holiday card photo
Monica Dalton holiday photo from when she was a baby

“We (my parents & sister) would pile in the car every Christmas Eve and drive around neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights, all the while knowing Santa would have been at our house while we were out.  It was magical…While out we would end up at an aunt’s Christmas party anxiously waiting to get home.  😉” – Monica Dalton, Area Rug & Carpet Sales Associate

Maggie Parker, Textile Sales, holiday card photo
Maggie Parker and her brother posing for a holiday photo when they were babies.

“One of my favorite holiday traditions would be the matching outfits my parents would pick out for my brother and me. It is so fun to look back at these pictures and see how much we have changed over the years. These photos never cease to bring a smile to my face. Just one small reminder of joy during the holiday season!” – Maggie Parker, Showroom Sales Associate

Amanda Myers, Warranty Administrator's holiday card photo
Amanda Myers and her late brother posing for a holiday photo in front of the Christmas tree.

“This photo is from one of my last Christmas’s spent with my brother before he passed away. My mom is a retired nurse so many holidays were often celebrated when we could all be together instead of a particular day. To this day, having the chance to celebrate with my loved ones on any day is more important to me than waiting for a particular day and possibly leaving someone out because they can’t be with us.” Amanda Myers, Warranty Administrator

Deborah Russell, Textile Sales holiday card photo
Deborah Russell, Textile Sales Associate
Deborah Russell and Santa posing for a holiday photo when she was young.

“This is my favorite holiday memory because it was when my family still lived in San Diego and I remember playing outside in the sand by the ocean with my brother before this picture was taken. My brother and I are really close and it’s great to look back on that time 😊 ” – Lillie Davis, Furniture Sales Associate

“I am the middle child of 7. I remember my siblings and I being so overwhelmed with excitement on Christmas Eve, and having the hardest time going to sleep. Even with so many children, my parents always made Christmas so special for each of us in different ways. Christmas morning was pure anarchy with wrapping paper flying around like crazy as we all would dig in. I will never forget, pretty much every year, having to go back through the trash bags of wrapping paper looking for the “missing piece” of someone’s gift! I’m laughing just thinking about it. I wouldn’t change any of it, and absolutely cherish every one of those moments ❤” – Kara Wagoner, Sales Manager

Andrea and her dad skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado in 1999

“One of my favorite holiday memories growing up was going to Breckenridge and Vail every year for Christmas. We would spend a whole week skiing, snowboarding, playing card games, and sipping hot chocolate. I plan on sticking to tradition and visiting again this year!” – Andrea Krumm, Marketing Coordinator

“Some of my favorite holiday memories are from Christmas Eve at my Mom & Dad’s house. We always celebrated Christmas Eve by going to mass as a family and then getting together for a big dinner. This photo is from the early ’90s. I have six sisters and a brother and wonderful parents, so we always had a lot of Love & Laughter. I really miss those who are no longer with us now.” – Kelly Specht, Kansas City Showroom Manager

Diane Gade KDR holiday card photo

“Growing up we always spent Christmas Eve with our extended family, but when I was about 7 or 8, my brother and I got chickenpox right before Christmas. It was the first Christmas we spent with just our immediate family, and I’ll never forget the fun we had just the five of us!” – Diane Gade, Window Covering Sales Associate

Brenda Goudey KDR holiday card photo

“This was a favorite Christmas morning in 1998 when my daughter Katie was three, my son Jake was five and my husband Joe had hair. We were just starting the renovation of the living room. I always forget how ugly it was when we bought the house!” – Brenda Goudey, CFO

Kathy Messmann KDR holiday card photo

“One of my many favorite memories growing up at Christmas time was going to see Santa at our school. My Mom would dress us up and take us every year. We always had a lot on our list and Santa was always a good listener! ( He was our best friend’s Dad so he knew what he was in for when the Messmann’s showed up. ) 😊 We would get our picture taken and then Mrs. Claus would give us candy canes and a coloring book with crayons. Those were the good ol days.” – Kathy Messmann, Window Covering Sales Associate

Sue Dudak KDR holiday card photo

“I come from a family of 6 kids and Christmas time was always hectic but fun. Seeing who got what, who got the most, who got the least. Seems that Mom always had everything equaled out! My family is spread between Chicago, Florida and Kansas. This Polaroid picture reflects a time when life wasn’t so busy & complicated.” – Sue Dudak, Showroom Sales Associate

Jenni Vargas KDR holiday card photo
Holiday lights

“As a child, our parents would take us to Christmas in the Park, I remember feeling like I was in the North Pole. I think my favorite part was the hour-long wait in line where my parents and siblings and I shared snacks and watched Christmas movies.” – Jenni Vargas, Textile and Wallcovering Sampling

Caitlin Beary holiday card photo

“My favorite Christmas memory is decorating the Christmas tree with my family. We do it every year together and it is always something that I look forward to. Once we do it, it is time for the holidays.” – Caitlin Beary, Showroom Sales Support

Jennifer Drake, Assistant Showroom Manager, holiday card photo
Jennifer Drake and her barbie doll in front of the tree in her holiday photo

“Every Christmas Eve my brothers and I would set out milk, cookies, and carrots for Santa and his reindeer as they needed the energy to keep flying through the night. Christmas was and will always be such a memorable time; I loved the moments with family and the magic of waking up on Christmas morning to find out Santa had visited with a hungry appetite- no treats or carrots to be found!” – Jennifer Drake, Assistant Showroom Manager

“Some of my favorite memories from the holidays growing up was getting a new dress made by my Mom. As I got older, I got to help pick out the patterns and materials. I also remember going to church and singing Christmas carols by candlelight. Just being surrounded by family and friends and then going home in great anticipation for Santa is what made Christmas special for me.” – Mallory Perry, Furniture Sales Associate

Rebecca Crets KDR holiday card photo
Rebecca Crets posing for a holiday photo as a kid

“Singing Christmas carols on the way to pick out a live Christmas tree from Sullivan Farms, driving through light displays, sledding the day after a big snow, seeing so many extended family members together under one roof – all of these memories have always been very special to me. I don’t recall much about gifts I received, but I will always remember the special moments of time well spent with my family during the Christmas season.” – Rebecca Crets, Textile & Wallcovering Supervisor

Beka Matthews KDR holiday card photo
Beka posing in a Christmas costume as a snowflake when she was a kid.

“My absolute most favorite Christmas memory is having cinnamon buns on Christmas morning while we open presents! :)” – Beka Matthews, Showroom Sales Support

Danielle DeNure KDR holiday card photo
Danielle DeNure and her sister when they were young.

“This is a photo of my younger sister and me. Our mom always made us matching Christmas dresses when we were kids. We always traveled to our extended family for Christmas so we would always celebrate a few days before. My mom, sister, and I would get ready upstairs and when we came downstairs we would find that Santa made a special trip to our house and all of our presents would magically appear (my dad would frantically bring all of the presents up from the basement 😊).” – Danielle DeNure, Furniture Sales Supervisor

Jamie Wood KDR Holiday card photo
Jamie Wood and her extended family on Christmas

“When I was young we always had Christmas at my uncle’s. His house was my favorite. Every year we would moan and groan when we saw him setting up his tripod for the annual family photo, but we knew it was his favorite part of Christmas. Looking back, I’m so grateful we have these photos, and documentation of the on-point hairstyles and clothes.” – Jamie Wood, Fabric Sample Supervisor

Do you have a favorite holiday memory? Share your story and tag us at @kdrshowrooms #kdrshowrooms

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