A Textile Tale with Hollywood Ties
A Textile Tale with Hollywood Ties

Founder and CEO, Gary Glant of Glant Textiles

It’s not often I have a chance to mention my two loves in one post—classic film stars and luxury textiles. Over thirty years ago, the two came together by chance, and a public relations dream sent a young textile line straight to the top.

Born and raised in Seattle, the colors and textures of the northwestern landscape have long inspired the life and work of Gary Glant. His childhood home bore examples of interior design legends like the great Jack Lenor Larsen, fostering an appreciation for the arts at a young age and a foundation for what would someday become one of the world’s most discriminating textile manufacturers; Glant Textiles.

Chenille: (from top to bottom) Deep Teal, Aqua Mist and Blue Spruce.

Glant is recognized for their unrivaled textures and colors produced using the highest manufacturing standards and practices at their own mill in Bergamo, Italy. It’s likely you don’t know much about the driving force behind this innovative brand because Gary Glant has always preferred to let the fabrics speak for themselves. Armed with a formal education in architecture and international business, he opened a chain of fabric and design stores, and in 1973 traveled to Finland where he designed his own line of architecturally-inspired textiles.

A selection of whites including (top to bottom) Atherton, Couture Lattice Sheer N. 7, Couture Ottoman N. 7, Embarcadero

As Gary unpacked and presented his first collection at the well-respected showroom, Kneedler-Fauchere, designer Michael Taylor caught a glimpse and selected them for the home of his clients, Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Jones and her husband Norton Simon. Their home, and Glant Textiles, soon appeared on the cover of House & Garden and Glant secured its place in luxury textile market.

Today Glant is recognized by designers as unparalleled resource for clients with discriminating taste. Obviously, Glant fabrics are superior, and priced as such, but don’t let it deter the price conscious. Their highly-successful new collection, Porto Via, consists of nearly 70 SKU’s, all of which are high-performing, low profile textures at compelling price points.

From top to bottom: Martha’s Vineyard, Couture Pique N. 9, Couture Damask Classico N. 8, Couture Tweed N. 8, Glant Worsted Sheer, Glant Ribbed Trevira CS

From top to bottom: Glant Mohair II, Couture Silk Lattice Sheer N. 8, Colombe d’Or, Couture Linen Canvas N. 7, Lombardia Melange, Glant Billard Cloth, Couture Melange N. 5

Chaine, a best-seller shown in four super-saturated colors: Peony, Tulip, Tiger Lily and Peach Blossom

This season’s new collection just hit showrooms yesterday, and in the words of Gary Glant, “rounds out” the existing line by enhancing the most successful categories with exciting new color additions. New additions have been made to the Outdoor, Porto Via, Glant Classics and Trevira. Displays are going up now and samples are available in our St. Louis and Kansas City showrooms. For more information on Glant products contact Kim Caldwell: kimc@kdrshowrooms.com or 314.368.6101.

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