Getting Down to Business
Getting Down to Business

This month, we’re offering a friendly reminder about our Designer Commission Program. One of many exclusive services offered by KDR, the program is simple, and frees you up to do the work you love to do. Designing!

In most cases, we realize you will continue with business as usual, but when special circumstances arise, remember that we can offer you a different way to work with your clients.

If you feel that you’re losing sales to the internet, have clients buying from retail stores, or simply have clients who want to buy “direct” and see the actual cost of product, this program can work for you.


The bottom line…

Eliminate the administration of sales tax, invoicing and credit card processing.


We’re sure you can find something more enjoyable to pass the time.

Like this…

Or this…



And at the end of the day…happy designer, happy client.


The End.

To learn more, or to request a Designer Commission Program application, contact Karen Thiele at or call 314.993.5020, ext. 3500.


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