Go Cordless: Make it Motorized
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Go Cordless: Make it Motorized

In the spirit of Window Covering Safety Month we’re taking a closer look at the beauty and convenience of cordless, motorized window shading products. You might care for cordless simply for the hassle-free experience and cord/wand-free style. In other cases, design dilemmas might call for a tech-savvy solution.

In any case, our team of experts offers not only a wealth of information on the topic, but a lengthy list of manufacturers that are certain to fulfill your needs, be it style or function.


When Going Motorized Makes Sense

●  If your windows are high off the ground, or out of reach.
●  With a row of windows side-by-side, raise and lower window coverings all together, with one touch.
●  Operate window coverings in conjunction with a complete home automation system.
●  If your window is out of reach, with a deep casing, or situated behind a sofa or tub.


Considering Home Automation? KDR Can Help:

●  Manage your shades on a timer, to raise and lower on a daily basis or while you’re away.
●  Control multiple shades with one device—by remote control or even your iPad.
●  Your local showroom can provide you with a certified installer.


Motorized Window Covering Options
Available Through KDR

Motorized Window Coverings
BTX: Roman and Roller Shades, Panel Tracks

Hartmann&Forbes Natural Window Coverings
HARTMANN&FORBES: Roman and Roller Shades, Wood Blinds


Lutron Motorized Window Coverings
LUTRON: Roman and Roller Shades


Comfortex Motorized Window Coverings
: Cellular Shades, Roman and Roller Shades, Sheer Horizontal Shadings


Kirsch Motorized Window Coverings
: Cellular and Roman Shades

*Not all manufacturers are carried in each KDR location, so check with your local showroom to learn which lines are available in your area.

Photo Credits: Comfortex, Kirsch, Lutron, Hartmann&Forbes, BTX

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