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KDR Supports Cause Close to Home

In the spirit of giving, it’s this the time of year we take a moment to acknowledge our gratitude and blessings the year has brought. Each December, KDR Designer Showrooms selects a few charities to support in the form of a monetary donation. This year, the charity chosen is one close to our hearts at KDR.

Carl’s Cause is ‘a gamechanger for mental health.’ Read about Carl’s story.

In an email sent to employees on December 13, 2019, Kevin Kenney, President/CEO, notified staff about a donation made to Carl’s Cause — a charity founded by KDR’s Kansas City Showroom manager, Kelly Specht and her husband, Bob. Please read Kevin’s letter to learn how the Specht family is helping others cope with mental illness.

Dear KDR Staff,

This year, I decided our contribution would go to a charity started by our Kansas City Showroom manager Kelly Specht, her husband Bob and members of their family.

At the close of our annual Sales & Marketing Planning Meetings in St. Louis, we presented a check to Kelly Specht for a donation to Carl’s Cause charity. The charity is named for their beloved son Carl Specht whom they lost in 2017 when he took his own life.

Please read the story of the Specht family and the charity’s involvement with the Strawberry Hill Facility in Kansas City, affiliated with the University of Kansas Medical division, a prototype if you will of what we need in this country to begin treating mental illness just as we would any other illness. This is an inspiring story of turning unimaginable grief into action and portrays the courage it takes to influence change.

This is a cause worth fighting for and one I am passionate about as I have a child who has suffered from mental illness for nearly 35 years. I have quietly researched and advocated against the mental health stigma for years.

Now seeing the tremendous increase in serious mental illness across our youth and young adults resulting in what is being labeled a suicide crisis with problems in our schools but affecting all age brackets in all walks of life, only to have lack of affordable mental healthcare, I know I have to become a more vocal advocate.

I urge all of you especially our young people to become influencers of change when it comes to those suffering from mental health issues, support those working towards changing the system, help those suffering find help, and become advocates for those who usually have tremendous obstacles in helping themselves, it is conversation we must have.

I have been amazed by how many people have experienced mental health issues with someone close to them but have kept it to themselves until someone else talks about it. It is likely 90% of us will experience mental health issues with someone close to us.

Thank you for joining all of us at KDR in the spirit of giving this holiday season! #ThisIsKDR

Kevin Kenney
President/CEO, KDR Designer Showroom

KDR Showrooms Supports Carl's Cause Photo of KDR Staff giving Donation 2019
KDR team members join Kevin Kenney to present Kelly Specht with donation for Carl’s Cause.


The mission of Carl’s Cause is to change the future of mental health by:

– combating stigma
– creating awareness
– connecting resources

Carl's Cause Logo
promoting mental health awareness.

“Our goal is to bring mental health awareness to the ‘stadium level’, where it’s OK to talk openly about mental health among families, friends, co-workers and children of all ages.”

– Kelly Specht

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