Mario Buatta: A Celebratory Luncheon
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Mario Buatta: A Celebratory Luncheon

Recently, we had the great pleasure to honor decorating legend and author of Fifty Years of American Interior Decoration (Rizzoli), Mario Buatta during a celebratory luncheon. The fête commenced with a book signing followed by a private lunch prepared by local Chef Jeffery Davis.

Highlights from the celebratory luncheon honoring Mario Buatta….

Guests enjoyed a seasonally crafted menu and the Buatta-ful inspired tablescape, lavishly dressed in Colefax and Fowler glazed floral chintz.

Amanda Bauer, Mario Buatta and Kevin Kenney

Susan Block and Gayle Wienert

Susan Spalding and Kelly Johnson

Kevin Kenney and Nancy Burke

Sandra Ford, Emily Castle and Kay Hagan

Stephanie Mills and Carolyn Grove

Mario Buatta and Susan Block

Mario Buatta and Kelly Johnson

Mario Buatta and Steve Toedebusch

Emily Faber, April Jensen and Jenny Rapp

Vickie Gray and Amanda Bauer

Mario Buatta and Nancy Burke

Mario Buatta, Lenore Pepper and Edwin Pepper

Katy Mullins and Steve Toedebusch

Mario Buatta and Katy Mullins

Mario Buatta and Jenny Rapp

Mario Buatta and Carolyn Grove

April Jensen and Alise O’Brien

Mario Buatta and Gayle Wienert

April Jensen and Mario Buatta

Mario Buatta and Alise O’Brien

Emily Faber and Mario Buatta

Mario Buatta and Nancy Spewak

Mario Buatta and Susie Sheahan

Becky Smith, Alise O’Brien, Kevin Kenney and Lenore Pepper

Mario Buatta and Corinne Jones

Mario Buatta and Kay Hagan

Before the afternoon was over, Buatta introduced Harold, his pet cockroach.

Ken Stuckenschneider and Mario Buatta

Becky Smith, Thatcher’s Fine Timeless Fabrics

Photography by Diane Anderson.

Special thanks to:

St. Louis At Home

Becky Smith, Thatcher’s Fine Timeless Fabrics

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