NEW + NOTEWORTHY: Innovations Wallcoverings
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NEW + NOTEWORTHY: Innovations Wallcoverings

Nearly 40 years ago, Innovations was born, the creation of owner Rudy Mayer whose vision was not only to provide designers with wallcoverings of the highest quality, which he does, but to “surprise and excite the design community.”

Innovations does just that, and given their ambition and dedication, you can understand why we are thrilled with the opportunity to offer this line to KDR customers.

What Innovations Has to Offer…

  •  Type II High Performance papers
  •  Environmentally friendly commercial wallcoverings
  •  Metallics
  •  Fashion-forward patterns
  •  Natural papers inspired by woven textiles
  •  A strong complement of essentials, offering cost-effective elegance

Our St. Louis and Kansas City showrooms, as well as KDR sales representatives in both markets, now have books and sampling in hand and have been eagerly awaiting the moment we could officially announce their arrival. You’ll see at first glance what sets them apart.

Innovations Frequency Wallcovering

Linen polyester blend with non-woven backing.

Innovations Big News Wallcoverings

Recycled newspaper and paperboard with polyester yarn on non-woven backing.

Cubism Cork Wallcoverings by Innovations

Cork with a non-woven backing.

Patina Metallic Wallcovering by Innovations

Non-woven wallcovering with metallic film



Innovations Gilded Cork Wallcovering

Non-woven polyester/cellulose backing.

Innovations Wallcovering

Linen and polyester with a non-woven backing.

Innovations is now available in the KDR St. Louis and Kansas City showrooms.

CONTACT US to schedule a private showing or to request samples.



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New + Noteworthy | Wallcoverings
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