Ordering Your Sofa: Considering Seat Cushions
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Ordering Your Sofa: Considering Seat Cushions

Among the countless decisions faced when ordering your sofa (fabric, trim, arms, backs, pillows, cushion content, size, etc.) the choice of seat cushions calls for a good deal of consideration. Our furniture sales associates have made mention of the increasing demand for single cushion designs, citing the cleaner look as possible motivation. This notable trend called for a post, a showcase of sorts, offering examples of one, two and three cushion sofas. Seen above, the Made to Measure Sofa from Century Furniture.

Some find a three cushion too traditional, while others wonder if there is such a thing. 😉 Some suggest the size of your sofa should dictate the number of seat cushions. Whatever your position, we’re sampling sofas today on the KDR Blog, and if you haven’t a preconceived notion on the topic, perhaps this post will help you decide.

Single Cushion

Jean Louis Single Cushion Sofa

Almandine Sofa by Jean-Louis Deniot for Baker Furniture

Single Seat Sofa

Crawford Sofa, Taylor King  |  Celestite Sofa, Jean-Louis Deniot for Baker Furniture
Mayfair Court Grand Sofa, Lillian August Fine Furniture for Hickory White


Two Cushion

Lillian August

Highgate Sofa, Lillian August Fine Furniture for Hickory White

Two Seat Cushion Sofa
Norman Sofa, EF+LM  |  Nathaniel Sofa, Thomas O’Brien for Century Furniture
Drop In Sofa, Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin


Three Cushion


Cornerstone Sofa, Century Furniture

Three Seat Cushion Sofa

Bobbi Sofa, EF+LM  |  Beachum Sofa, EF+LM |  McMillin Sofa, Taylor King

For further reading on the process of choosing the right sofa for your space and lifestyle, see our recent post on Selecting Your Sofa Soulmate, or simply stop by your local KDR showroom where a sales associate will be happy to help.

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