The CLASSICS: Blue & White
The CLASSICS: Blue & White

In this new series on the KDR Blog, I offer a present-day take on The CLASSICS—the very latest interpretations of timeless design motifs, color schemes and furniture silhouettes re-imagined by a handful of our favorite home furnishing manufacturers.

The series reflects a personal interest in classic elements, because while I appreciate trends as they come and go, the enduring quality of classic patterns and pieces gives comfort and a strong foundation for new ideas. The pieces I’ve assembled below, in their crisp, watery hues offer this classic color combination in traditional florals, paisleys and porcelain as well as a suggested read from Missouri native and style icon, Carolyne Roehm.

I hope you’ll enjoy, and stay tuned for next month’s CLASSICS post—one that lovers of Greek key won’t want to miss.

Amara in Aqua
from Jane Churchill

Moore Accent Lamp from Chelsea House and the newly reintroduced Bailey & Griffin.

Fabric and trimmings from the Stanmore Collection by Travers

Blue and White Chelsea House LampScrimshaw Table Lamp from Chelsea House


Blue and White Paisley Fabric from Duralee
The Pheasant Hill Paisley Collection
from Duralee


Blue and White Fabrics from Travers
The Carlyle Collection
from Travers

Mirella Fabric from Colefax and Fowler
Draperies in Mirella from Colefax and Fowler.

Travers Fabrics
The Carlyle Collection from Travers.


And a bit of blue and white for your bookshelf…


Until next time…



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