THE CLASSICS: Small Prints
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THE CLASSICS: Small Prints

To quote KDR Sales Representative Kim Caldwell, “For many designers, this scale of print is essential when layering classic interiors properly.” Her explanation accompanied the presentation of a new book of small-scale prints from Colefax and Fowler. Oaken offers a comprehensive range of styles, from the classic Seafern to a more modern, geometric Mazely. She noted their brilliant approach to color, touching on both warm and cool neutrals, in addition to classic reds, blues, greens and yellows.

Kim added, “With the popularity of plains on large upholstery pieces, designers incorporate small prints to give the room depth and dimension.” She imagines these prints on pillows, slipcovers, on dining room chairs, window treatments and in bedrooms as bed skirts and duvets.

Preview this new collection of small prints below and contact the showroom to request pricing and memos.

Small Prints - Designer essentials from Colefax and Fowler - Oaken

Oaken – 100% linen available in five colorways


Colefax and Fowler | Panthera

Panthera – Cotton/linen blend available in five colorways


Colefax and Fowler | Swift

Swift – 100% linen, available in four colorways and a wallpaper


Colefax and Fowler | Mazely

Mazely – 100% linen, available in five colorways


Colefax and Fowler | Seafern

Seafern – 100% cotton, available in six colorways


Blythe in Yellow | Fabric by Colefax and Fowler

Blythe – Cotton/Linen Blend, available in six colorways and a wallpaper


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