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How One Small Act of Kindness Saved A Life

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

– Aesop

In this post, we share a remarkable account illustrating the powerful impact one small act of kindness made in another’s life.

This story comes from KDR Kansas City showroom manager, Kelly Specht. She and her husband started a foundation in 2018 called Carl’s Cause, to promote mental health awareness after the heartbreaking loss of their son Carl.

Carls Cause Annual Golf Tournament

As told by Kelly Specht:

This amazing story happened after our annual golf tournament in September 2020. At the tournament ‘green rocks’ were handed out with positive sayings on the top and #CarlsCause on the bottom. We encourage people to leave the green rocks out on trails, beaches or anywhere it might be found and make an impact. 

A family friend came in to play from Minnesota, and upon returning home, she left her rock on a golf course there. On October 13, the day of Carl’s birthday, I received an email from a 42-year-old woman from North Dakota, titled, “You Saved My Life”…. a portion of her email is below.

You Saved My Life

I just wanted to reach out to you and extend a great big thank you! I came across this rock at Madden’s Resort in Brainerd, Minnesota. I was taking my final weekend getaway with my best friend and had my suicide planned for Sunday night when we got back from our trip. 

Small Act of Kindness Green Rocks Carls Cause

Upon finding your rock, I pulled up your website and read Carl’s story, my heart got heavy and the tears flowed. I couldn’t ignore the obvious signs being sent to me and I couldn’t help but think there may have been some divine intervention. 

I told [my friend] what my plan was and said I needed help and I want to seek it out for the first time in my life. After a long tearful talk, I was admitted for psych treatment for the first time ever after battling severe clinical depression and generalized anxiety for 25 years.

I was discharged from the hospital and I referenced your rock numerous times throughout my stay. I could feel your heartache in telling Carl’s story and only then did I realize I would be eliminating my own heartache and leaving a hole in those who love me. 

I want to tell you thank you for helping eliminate the stigma of mental illness. I want to tell you thank you for allowing your heartache and loss save my family from the same fate. 

I truly feel like I was chosen by Carl to let you know he is still doing amazing things and is able to with peace of mind and without struggle. Maybe he picked me because I was spending my last days alive golfing while having a heavy heart.

I love your Carl although I never met him, because of his story I feel like I knew him, and I most definitely understand him.

I know I have a long road ahead of me and there will be two steps forward and three steps back, but none the less, your rock put my journey back on the long road instead of it ending at the fork in the road.

We share this story as part of a series in our #InspireKindness Initiative, a 30-day campaign to promote random acts of kindness. We believe that acts of kindness foster compassion, joy and self-fulfillment. Join us to #inspirekindness and create a better world. Learn more about the campaign here.

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This Is KDR
This Is KDR
This Holiday Inspire Kindness & Joy

The holidays are here, and we embrace the spirit of the season with hope, gratitude, and joy. At KDR, we believe interior design has intrinsic psychological and therapeutic value. Products that fulfill and bring a design to life originate from every corner of the world. During this year, when the world has faced unprecedented challenges, all of us at KDR Designer Showrooms will celebrate this holiday season with acts of kindness in hopes it becomes the new contagious!

In celebration of 30 years of design partnership, everyone at KDR Designer Showrooms is teaming up to launch the #inspirekindness campaign, a 30-day initiative of voluntary acts of kindness. We believe that acts of kindness foster compassion, joy, and self-fulfillment. Join us to #inspirekindness and create a better world.

How will you share your gift of kindness?

If you need a little inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you get started. Check out our highlights on Instagram.

Kindness & Joy KDR Showrooms Photo

KDR Showrooms Team 2020 Photos

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

KDR #inspirekindness Campaign Holiday 2020

Have you recently shared or been a recipient of an act of kindness?

Share your story and tag us at @kdrshowrooms #inspirekindness.

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Happy Holidays

Photography by Lindsey Hinderer Portraits and Samantha Levi Photography.

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Furniture | In The Press
For Those Who Take Furniture Personally
Made For You Hickory Chair Cover
Volume One, Issue One

Introducing Hickory Chair’s inaugural issue Made For You, a new publication designed for those who take furniture personally. KDR is excited to partner with the American furniture manufacturer to launch a special edition issue, made just for you.

What's Inside:
Palm Beach Chic

Blending vintage finds, rattan and furniture from her namesake collection for Hickory Chair, Suzanne Kasler creates a timeless living room for the Kips Bay Showhouse in West Palm Beach inspired by the town’s iconic flair.

Photo shown: Ray Booth furniture collection by Hickory Chair.                               

When creating interiors, read the influences driving Ray Booth’s designs.

The Made For You magazine is published by Hickory Chair, manufacturer of fine personalized wood and upholstered furniture. From classic to modern, each piece is made by hand and to order. More than 90% of Hickory Chair’s products are made in America.

Pick up a copy of Made For You the next time you’re in your local KDR showroom or request one to sent directly to your mailbox here.

Furniture | In The Press
This Is KDR
Celebrating Our Mothers, Today and Everyday

Mothers and grandmothers are special every day of the year but never needed and appreciated more than right now.

Thank you for your reassurance, nurturing, hugging, teaching, patience and tolerance during this remarkable time!

We couldn’t do it without you.

We proudly share photos of our team with their mothers, grandmothers, children and grandchildren. Scroll through our photo gallery below.

Phyllis Kueck, St. Louis Showroom Receptionist, with her mother.
Phyllis Kueck with her Mother, KDR Mother's Day
KDR Mother's Day Album, Sue Dudak
Sue Dudak, Kansas City Window Covering Sales Associate, with her daughter Maddie and granddaughters Olive and Penny.
KDR Mother's Day, Melissa Scharfbillig
Minneapolis Showroom Sales Associate, Melissa Scharfbillig, with her mom Andrea at the Buttered Tin, one of their favorite brunch spots in St. Paul.
KDR Mother's Day, Abby Koller
Abby Koller, Minneapolis Showroom Manager, with her kids Hadley and Kye.
KDR Mother's Day Album, Jennifer Drake
Jennifer Drake, KDR Kansas City Showroom Sales Associate with her mother.
KDR Mother's Day Album, Jamie Wood
Jamie Wood, St. Louis Showroom Fabric Sample Supervisor, with her family; husband Joe, children Stella, Max and Payton.
KDR Mother's Day, Kelly Specht
Kelly Specht, KDR Kansas City Showroom Manager, and her family; son Carl, husband Bob, daughter Megan, son-in-law Tyler and son Connor. “I will always be a mother of three.”
KDR Mother's Day, Karen Thiele
Karen Thiele, St. Louis Showroom Furniture Specialist, and mother, Gwynne.
KDR Mother's Day Album, Deborah Russell
Deborah Russell, St. Louis Showroom Textile Sales Associate, with sons Shane and Zach.
KDR Mother's Day, Jazmyn Robertson
Jazmyn Robertson, Kansas City Showroom Memo Librarian, and daughter Thea.
KDR Mother's Day Album, Taylor Olien
Residential & Contract Sales Representative MN-IA-ND-SD, Taylor Olien with her grandmother.
KDR Mother's Day Album, Kara Wagoner
Kara Wagoner, Sales Manager, pictured with her kids; Charlotte and Sterling.
KDR Mother's Day Album, Kathy Messmann
Kathy Messmann, St. Louis showroom Window Coverings Sales Associate, pictured on left with son Sean and on the right, shown with mother Mary.
KDR Mother's Day Album, Kathy Messmann 2
KDR Mother's Day Album, Russ Lundy
Russ Lundy, Operation Manager, and mother on his wedding day.
KDR Mother's Day Album, Ashlee Morgan
Ashlee Morgan, Window Coverings Department Manager, and daughter Lilyana.
KDR Mother's Day Album, Kristen Seckington
Kristen Seckington, Sales Order/Purchase Order Entry, and her son Xander at St. Louis Cardinals game, Starwars theme night.
KDR Mother's Day Album, Anne Bloemendal
Minneapolis Showroom Sales Associate, Anne Bloemendal and her mother.
KDR Mother's Day Album, Gail Pell
Gail Pell, Customer Service shown with her family including son Ed Pell, KDR Warehouse Associate.
KDR Mother's Day Album, Brenda Goudey
Brenda Goudey, CFO/VP of Finance, pictured with her husband Joe, son Jake and daughter Katie.
KDR Mother's Day Album, Amanda Bauer
Amanda Bauer, Director of Marketing, with mother Rhonda.
KDR Mother's Day Album, Amanda Myers
Amanda Myers, Warranty Administrator, pictured with mother Ginny.
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